Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Irene Hsu
Posted on Sat Jun 17 02:29:20 2000
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I think that Jennifer really points out the problem of defining Taiwanese culture and of Taiwanese' identification on our culture. "What is Taiwanese Culture?" it is really a big question to answer. Culture is what we can not discuss only from one aspect, but from different levels, such as the economy, education, society and the geography. Traditionally, Taiwan is considered as part of the Main land China, so Taiwanese culture is related to Chinese one. Indeed, just what Jennifer mentions in her essay, the values of Taoism and Confusiouism are part of Chinese Culture. However, in present society in Taiwan, the Confusiouism seemed to be degenerated ,because of the influence of other cultures. As we know, Taiwan now has been invaded by Japanese culture. The prevelance of Japanese products, or of Japanese TV programs is showed that the Taiwanese life is deeply affected by Japanese culture. We can find that Taiwanese now may ignore the traditonal concept of Chinese Culture, but accept the Japanese culture or other culture unconsciously to live their life. Therefore, we, Taiwanese, may view other culture as the better one; however,we can not really exactly understand in which part the Taiwanese culture is less superior. Gradually, seeking for the better (forigner) culture, at the same time, Taiwnaese may lose the identity of our culture. Jenneifer says that Taiwanese culture is trying to absorb other culture to develop our new culture. At this point, I did not agree with it. Perhaps, it may be one possible reason to reflect the present situtaion of receiving other culture or the problem of being clonized by other culture. In my opinion, nowaday Taiwaneses seldom care about what our culture is; the problem of pursuing other culture is their concern. Therefore, how to reconstruct our Taiwanese culture is an important issue that we should concern.

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