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Posted by Sophia
Posted on Sun Jun 18 16:27:03 2000
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If we analyze the reason for the huge influence of the Japanese and American on Taiwan, the first reason that we can find is the historical cause. Many classmates have discussed about it, so I won't go too deep into this issue. It is inevitable for the colonized (Taiwan) to be affected by the colonized or the force which once had such a huge impact on the national security and the structure of the nation of "help-receiver," Taiwan. However, the reason that these two forces or influences can last till today, decades after the turbulent time may be that people have a tendency of admiring the powerful side, like Japan or America. This kind of tendency does not happen just in Taiwan. If we look back into the world history, we would find that most of the weaker or conquered country are influenced by the stronger or the conqueror ones. It is just that the media helps the influence to last for so long and become so great. The media manipulate a very common concept of "外來的和尚會念經," (people's admiration for foreign cultures) to propagate the products. Then, the fervor for Japanese and American commodities and cultures is created. It is a fact that we are under the influences of Japanese and American culture. It is also a fact that we have not found specifically the identity for the Taiwanese yet. As the development of globalization, it is getting harder and harder to maintain the purest essence or culture of a country. I'm not saying that in this case, we don't have to find our own identity. My point is that we should find our identity, somehow make it stronger and help it to grow among the foreign forces, so that it wouldn't be engulfed. Since we can not get away from the influences from other countries, what can be done is to find a way for the cultures coexist in our society.

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