Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Eric
Posted on Sun Jun 18 21:41:12 2000
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It's astonishing that so many classmates have high interest in this topic. Now that, let me add my another unique opinion. "What's colonizing us?" From another perspective, I will say it's our conservative and stubborn value and thinking. How come? I still remembered last time when we had the active discussion in class, a classmate once mentioned that "Why can't Taiwanese creators to create something to attract the youth?" In my opinion, the problem is not "they can't." Actually, they totally don't know how. We can't deny that in Taiwan, we also have some commodities or characters which are made by ourselves originally. But why can't these things attract (our) the youth's attention? It's due to they are "so real"; in other words, lack of imagination. For me, I usually think when some Taiwan creators try to create something, they still will add 教訓/教育意味 in them. For example, in order to distinguish from the Japanese characters, we may have ours more native (鄉土) or "Taiwanese." But compared with Japanese goods, the youth will just think these Taiwanese goods are very "俗." Then, how can they attract the youth's attention? To sum up, I just think Taiwanese eyes really should be broader. Here, I don't mean we ought to "崇外." I just mean we should be much opener to receive any new concept or idea. 我們不應該總是覺得我們應該是為了要怎麼樣,然後去怎麼樣。有時,商業化並無不好且也是必須的,不是嗎?(例如:難道Hello Kitty或皮卡丘是為了要維護日本傳統文化或是對社會有什麼教育意味然後才被創造出來的嗎?)In order to get rid of the colonized position, I think our own attitudes ought to be changed, too.

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