Subject Re: About the term 'Taiwanese'
Posted by Rita
Posted on Sun Jun 18 22:49:30 2000
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In Reply to About the term "Taiwanese"

I sort of feel incredible when I first know that "we should be called 'Taiwaners', like the New Yorkers" as suggest in the article.

Like many people, I thought that we are called Taiwanese because of the ending 'n,' like the Japan'ese', not of any particular prejudice against our race.
The other thing that occurred to me was that New York is a city in the States, people there call themselves New Yorkers, but basically they are "Americans." If we called ourselves "Taiwaners" because of the same reason as the New Yorkers, is the situation becoming more derogating that we see Taiwan more like a city rather than "a country?"

Therefore, I suggest that we still called ourselves "Taiwanese" regardless of any political trace of inferiority in it. Just think in terms from the linguistic aspect. Besides, according to Mr. Nash, he could not find any support of deterioration of the "-ese" in the related document.


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