Subject M Butterfly- Manners in life
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M Butterfly- Manners in life

The idea that homosexuality can behave "naturally" without resorting to an

artificial code tacitly agreed upon by their society. A code of manners can be used

with more or less skill, for laudable or evil purpose, to express a great variety of ideas

and emotions. Manners continually undergo show changes and adaptations, but Song

Liling changes have to be an artificial code, not naturally. For if Rene Gallimard

improvises his own manners, Rene Gallimard will not understand the meaning of

Song Liling's behavior, and the result will be life chaos and the end of suicide.

"Homosexuality" means with the same kind of gender; and "men of a penis"

are men of the same kind. So, Song Liling and Rene Gallimard of the same kind

naturally go together, and do not live with women of other kinds. So all men are

human beings; so there are many different kinds of men. For example, Rene and Song

are divided into different races and nations, each having its own language, manners

and customs. This is tragedy, because, speaking the different language and having the

different customs and ways of thinking. Rene Gallimard not understand each other


Rene and Song may have quite similar qualities. On the other hand, no share

exactly the same likes and dislikes. Rene and Song has their strong and weak points.

In order to live fully and happily, Rene and Song need to fortify both good points and

overcome both poor ones. Social customs and ways of behaving change. Things

which were considered impolite many years ago are now acceptable. To see a

homosexuality in public today is not surprising.

The person that comes to Rene mind as the most unforgettable person in his life

would have to be Song's love. Rene and Song spent a lot of time together. They don't

keep in touch with each other anymore but their friendship will always be one of the

best things Rene remember about their happy life. What the reader can notice is the

steady progression of changes that has occurred between Rene and Song. Things are

beginning to reverse now.

Life is like beautiful and winding lane, the passions, simple but

overwhelmingly strong, have governed Rene and Song life; the longing for love.

These passions, like great winds, have blown Rene and Song hither and thither, in a

wayward course, ever a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair.

Rene have sought love, first, because Song's love brings ecstasy- ecstasy so great that

Rene would often have sacrificed all the rest of life for a short period of this joy. For a

return to a simpler way of life. Song's love is an integral part of Rene. More than one

person has lost his mind searching for the meaning of love. It's not easy to find. Rene

not give up when he meet Song. The M Butterfly didn't see life as having much

meaning on its own. They believed the only meaning love has is what you choose to

give it. Rene has to devote himself to what he does. If a man wants to live in this

world happily. While it is true that Rene and Song is different and each has different

ideas about living a good life, it is also true that there are similarities. We think that it

is very important to be optimistic about everything. If Rene and Song look to the good

sides of things and ignore the bad sides, they will live a happier life. This makes them

strong in the face of failure and disappointment. With this attitude they won't feel

discouraged or unhappy.

Rene and Song live in a very disturbing age. And virtues are often twisted and

Compromised. There are many questions being posed to Song, to which answers will

not be easily found. Rene and Song live in a world also a race with no end in sight.

Rene and Song all have different experiences and backgrounds. Therefore, when they

get together to discuss important issues, they are likely to hold opposing views. One

effective way to resolve the conflicts that arise from these opposing views is to

reached a compromise. Song felt somewhat sad about his love. Rene had died, and

those that remained lived a hard and miserable life. Without hope, the whole world

might just come to a dead stop. Without hope, life would just be too onerous to bear.

Indeed, this is the only thing that can keep Song going in life. No matter what station

Rene and Song are all in, they always have something to hope for.

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