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Posted by Rita
Posted on Mon Jun 19 02:37:36 2000
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I wouldn't deny the fact that people tend to yield themselves to stronger power in the world. In our case, we respect things and opinions from Japan and America. The former, being our "old" political colonizer; the later, our recent council for political affairs.
However, why are we still under the great influence of Japan now that he no longer our political colonizer? In fact, many people in Taiwan would laugh at the Japanese government and its politics for their undemoncratic and conservative system. Moreover, we often criticize that the Japanese don't behave like a "big country" when dealing with China. They are always afraid of irritating them when having any formal relations with our government.

Therefore, the influence of Japan on us is mostly economical. Products from Japan have the good reputation for their outside attraction and the guarentee for the quality. The Japanese is a race that puts a lot of emphasis on the outside image. They know well the psychology of the consumers and the techniques to manipulate human emotions. This explains why 金城武 and 徐若萱 after the "wraping" and "developing" process in Japan, has becomes even more popular back in Taiwan. This also concerns with how they train people to be stars. The most famous and "notorious" entertaining agency in Japan, The 傑尼斯事務所 has trains a lot of "teenager- girl killers"(young and good- looking boys especially attracted to teenager girls). This firm select and train good- looking boys when they are only ten years old. And those boys have to take tough dancing and singing trainings everyday. They even have to learn how to deal with their fans, how to arose fan's excitement during the concert. When they are not popular and known to the public, they have to dance for their already popular predecessors during their concerts. This way, they are also trained to face the public in big events, like the concerts.
Though the training are sometimes criticized as inhumane. People's attention are appealed to how hard- working they are. (If we observe Japanese programes closely, we find that they like to portrait how much trouble and barriers a person has to make in order to achieve success.)
Japanese's concern for image not only show on how they develop a "star," but also shown on its products, no matter it is the electronic devices or the cartoon figures or simply the everyday use-- the ballpen. The products from Japan are always associated with the adjective, "delicate." And I believe the most frequently used adj. among Japanese girls is "kawaii," which means cute and lovely. They want everything they use to be "kawaii" and thus the country has produced a lot of "kawaii" products. And the pursuit of "kawaii" and delicate products doesn't limited to people in Japan. Therefore, no wonder Japan has beome a large economic threat in many countries around the globe.

I still have many observations and opinions on how the Japnese arouse and manipulate consumers' psychology. But the point I'm making here is that the manufactors in Taiwan really should do a research on the minds of Taiwanese and our society and find out the qualities that would attract the people here other than immitating or complaining how the Taiwanese are led by the Japanese fashion.

The above passages are limited to the field of business!

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