Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Zoe
Posted on Wed Jun 28 20:33:22 2000
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Pursuing a higher quality of life is nature of human being. I think there's reasons for popularity of American or Japanese products and media in Taiwan. It can't be denied that the quality of their products has been widely recognized as more stringent guarantee than that of ours. Should we call it an invasion when seeing the popularity of American or Japanese products in Taiwan? Is it suitable to call ourselves the colonized and call them the colonizers? We are not forced to adopt their things! In fact, we choice them by our own will, for we do appreciate them. In 20th century, the idea of globalization is brought up. To learn from other countries and to have a joint improvement seems become a global trend. In this competitive world, should we still pay our attention to the national consciousness? Or we should focus more on learning the advantages from other countries? I think the answers to these two questions can both be positive and at the same time wouldn't contradict to each other, for holding an open and active attitude to absorb what's new and good from other countries doesn't necessarily mean that we have to desert our traditional stuff. Actually, the inspirational experience of sucking the merits and probably bad points from others not only can broaden our minds but also offer us a chance to more consciously survey our own culture. I think, in this way, we can then do a more objective comparison and contrast among what we've got for centuries and others'. Noticeably, the globalization ideal that I hold doesn't build upon the elimination of each nation's distinctive traditions, but on the other hand, the trend will encourage each country to value their own traditions. Then, everyone would love to bear the honorable mission of cautiously maintaining their cultures, proudly displaying the to the world and willingly interacting with other cultures. Taking active action to embrace external cultures means more than drawing back and sorrowfully considering ourselves colonized losers!

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