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Posted on Tue Jun 6 23:30:06 2000
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Response to Presentation

Postcolonialism is a criticism talks about the conscious or unconscious examination towards the history of being colonized. I think the text of . A is a good example to explain the idea of postcolonialism. I agree with one of the classmates idea of using language as the center to discussing the issue of postcolonialism, because I think language is what we face whenever and wherever. Besides, I think the colonizing situation in Taiwan is also worthy for us to notice and discuss.

I approve what teacher said in the class, we should not argue whether Taiwan is influenced more from America or Japan as to the issue of postcolonialism, because Taiwan is influenced by hybrid cultures, and its hard to say that which country influences us more. I think the main influence of Japan is their electronic commodities, because there are only certain groups of people prefer Japanese clothes or something else. Not all Taiwanese prefer Japanese clothes or opera. As for America, I think some important opinions in Taiwan are influenced by America, such as the opinion of independence.

I think its true that we should care more about our own culture after examining the history of being colonized and nowadays situation. Whats our own identity? I believe that each one has several identities, especially to the issue of language. For examples, we will say goodbye or bye bye in our daily lives. Or we will say ա in our lives. These are all proofs that we are always influenced by hybrid cultures; however, we may disapprove some culture in some aspects. I think its interesting that we can see some real examples in our lives when we study the literary criticism.

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