Subject Re: What is Colonizing Us?
Posted by Tracy
Posted on Wed Jun 14 03:50:35 2000
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It¡¦s true that many Taiwanese admire Japanese Culture, product and stars. And as we know that there are some reasons for us to admire them. Japanese are always full of enthusiasm and concentration towards their jobs. They themselves like their culture, their nation and their people. Their government is so effective and their country is so powerful and strong. We all have used the product which is made in Japan or maybe I should say all most all the electricity and the writing tools are from Japan. Why do we buy their products? Because we know that their products can be used for a long time and they are good quality.
Certainly, our culture is also valuable but it¡¦s hard to have some closed contact with our culture. Fewer and fewer people like to watch puppet show and ºq¥JÀ¸ and I am sure that all of us notice that; However, seldom people try to save our culture. We often hear others say, ¡§we should value our culture¡¨, but we only say it without taking the action. Even though we know that we are gradually devoured by Japanese culture, but actually they have so many good points that make us admire them.
Taiwanese will keep on buying Japanese product because we have no confidence in our product. And if we want to persuade ourselves to buy our own product, certainly the quality should be proved. If we really want to save our culture, we should take action. We should first see the value of our culture and restart to think our culture. After gradually changing the quality of our product and showing our love towards our nation and country I believe one day it will be Japanese who admire our country¡XTaiwan.

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