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Posted by hosanna
Posted on Wed Jun 21 01:03:56 2000
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Hosanna Chang
Criticism II
The Concept of Revenge
I think that the game of throwing and getting a pleasure of a child. My niece also likes to play this game, but he never cares about whether his mother is there or not. I agree with Buck・s suggestion that this game can develop a child・s body and mind. A child can learn how to control his strength and means to get the ball back easily through this game.
Instead of the concept of revenge, I think the stage of imitation of more correct for this game. According to Freud, the child plays the game of throwing and getting because he wants to revenge his mother・s absence. The ball is the replacement of his mother. However, if the boy really wants to revenge his mother, then why he wants the ball back? Some boy cherishes their toys very much. The ball suggests Mother・s absence and re-presence. Maybe, we should say that this game is like the stage of imitation. The boy uses the ball to imitate Mother・s absence and back.

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