Subject A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by Sophie Ko
Posted on Tue Dec 19 12:05:53 2000
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There are two controversial points I would like to bring up in this theory. One is his insistence on children・s dependence and transformation of their affection toward parents, and the other is his subjecting women as emotionally inferior and insufficiently fulfilled characters in the process of identifying themselves.

First of all, I wouldn・t say that I totally disagree with the first idea, but there are surely some doubts in my mind. It seems that Freud tended to apply sexual desire between two genders with even the case on very young children. According to what he suggested in the first stage of children・s identification, little boys unconsciously establish a sexual link with the mother while little girls with the father. The question I would like to raise here is that whether human beings at such an early age, when they are still incapable of making distinct recognition on sexes differences or even on their own sex, are able to produce a need for the opposite sex other than reasons based on the natural longs of the younger for the elder・s emotionally and biologically care. I personally don・t think its possible, but even it is, it wouldn・t make sense to apply such a theory on those children who grew up in the environment where the figure of farther or mother or both is absent. How should Freud explain the success of these kinds of children・s process of identification?

It・s the same thing with the second controversial point. I would like to state my strong opinions against such a sexual-discriminated theory. How could a little girl envies the symbolic meaning of men・s sexual organs when she doesn・t even know what good it could have done for her? And it・s even more ridiculous to say that a daughter wants to have sex with her farther since she probably doesn・t even know how to engage a sexual act! Here, I think that Freud is really viewing the whole issue from an adult・s vision, which results in these contradictory points in terms of a child・s psychological and biological aspects.

I admit that it・s possible for a child to have an orientation of dependent affection toward one of his or her parents. However, for me, it makes more sense to just leave the sexual element out of the considered factors.

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