Subject Re: A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by MindyYeh
Posted on Fri Dec 29 19:27:10 2000
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I quite agree with what Sophie mentioned about Freud・s theories. It・s really hard to figure out why a daughter at such a young period will have desire to have sex with the father, and furthermore, wants to have a baby with the father. Maybe we can・t judge this according to our own understanding of a child or to moral standards. But actually, we really tend to doubt this saying because it is really hard to figure out why it is like that. Besides, I wonder how Freud can come to such a conclusion. What kind of experiment did he do?

What・s more, Freud also has some discrimination against females. He thinks a girl will envy a male・s phallus and wants to have it. Phallus becomes a kind of symbol of power and authority. But how about women・s breasts? Won・t a boy envy a female・s breasts or a girl envy the mother・s breasts since a young girl has not been at the puberty, her second sexuality has not been obvious yet? And why can・t breasts become the symbol of power and authority? Freud doesn・t explain this part. In addition, Freud thinks females are passive, self-appreciation, inferior to males in morality and envy phallus (的セ 61). All of these show how Freud discriminates females and views them negative from a patriarchal perspective.

At last, as what Sophie talked about here, does a boy have dependent affection toward his mother or a girl have dependent affection toward her father just because of sexual reasons? It is also hard to say this thinking is definite true. I think many reasons will cause the tendency and maybe the tendency will change when affected by other factors.

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