Subject Re: A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by Julie Huang
Posted on Mon Jan 1 22:59:05 2001
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In Reply to A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus

I quite agree with Sophie and Mindy's opinion on Freud's concepts. First of all I want
to say that I think a little boy or girl doesn't know what sexual desires are. Now, if they
doesn't know what are sexual desires, then how come a boy would know that he wants
to have sex with his mother and the girl with her father. I also don't think that a little girl
would know where baby comes from, so how come she wants to have her father's baby.
I'm not saying that I completely disagree or doesn't believe in Freud's concepts, it is that
I think there are some questions that we have to question if it is possible or not. In my
opinion, I think that Freud's concept on a little girl wanting to have sex with her father
and the little boy with his mother, seems too strange to me.
There is another thing that I strongly think of Freud. I think that he has some
discrimination on woman. In his concepts, he thinks that a little girl will envy a boy
because he has phallus. I think that a girl at that age doesn't even know what a phallus
is and probably never seen it before. So, if she doesn't know what it is and probably
haven't seen it before how come she will envy it. I also think that if a girl will envy a
boy's phallus, then why wouldn't a boy envy a girl's vagina? We can tell from Freud's concepts that he has a discrimination on woman.

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