Subject Re: A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by Allison Lin
Posted on Thu Jan 4 20:40:29 2001
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In Reply to A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus

I disagree with Freud・s theory about the child・s identification at the first stage as what Sophie mentioned about. It・s totally unreasonable for me to accept the idea that the little girl builds her identification unconsciously from sexual connection with father while boy with mother. I do believe that the child may have the affection toward father or mother, but as the sexual desire is something that I doubt with. How could it be possible that the child will have sexual desire before he or she actually establishes his or her own gender identification? The penis for a little girl doesn・t stand for any sexual meaning, but just an organ. It・s illogic for Freud to point out that due to the envy of the penis, the little girl transfers the identification to mother. The idea of penis envy is a perspective under the authority of patriarchy, and a little girl・s mind is as pure as a white paper; hence, how could she understand that the penis is the power symbol before she really involves in the social interaction. Before she notices that male, and penis correlate with power, I don・t think that she will have any motive to envy male・s sexual organ.

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