Subject Re: A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by Lisa
Posted on Sat Jan 6 01:01:49 2001
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After reading these arguments on Freud・s Oedipus complex theory, I found myself on the same side with them. To be honest, I was really shocked to learn that young children tend to have sexual fantasies on their parents, not to mention the fact that children at that age were probably ignorant as to what sex is all about. How a child has all these desires for the mother or father while he couldn・t even tell his own gender. Therefore, I agree with Sophie and believe that Freud is thinking in his own grown up way but neglect the fact that it・s those infants he・s trying to put a tag on.
Though one thing I like to mention is that this situation may occur when children are bigger. This is a phenomenon I found similar to Freud・s Oedipus complex theory only that I won・t say it・s sexual orientated. I believe that opposite sex does attract each other. Take myself for example, I tend to be closer with my father while my younger brother is with my mother. There・s even a period in my life, probably around 12-15 that I was very drawn to my father I even admire him and wish my boyfriend in the future could be just like my dad. This period passed away when I enter high school. My point here is that I personally believe girls could like the father more than the mother, and vice versa, but the difference with Freud・s theory is that I believe this period won・t occur in such an early age. And even if it occurs during our teenage hood, it doesn・t have to be related to sex. This is my point.

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