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Posted by cherry
Posted on Sat Jan 6 12:12:04 2001
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  When talking about phychoanalysis, Freud is quite important. As for me, I agree with some of his theory, but I still disagree some points.
  At first, what he mentioned about "unconscious" convinces me. I believe there is still another I, I don't understand and I don't know. For some reasons, it is repressed. There are three psychic zones: id, ego, and superego as Freud suggested. Id presents the pleasure principle, however, we can't do anything we want to do without second thought. Because there are ego, and superego, which would warn id that doing something is wrong, the whole society wouldn't be tolerate the behavior. If there are no our ego, and superego, our society would be in chaos. However, if too many pleasure principles are demanded of one, he is likely to be sick. But I don't know what did Freud mean by "too much". I mean "how much" is "too much". Or it depends on individual.
  What I can't agree about Freud is his theory about Child development. All his theory is based on Father is the authority. What if the father isn't the authority in the family? The family in " Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" is an example. It seems that Jack isn't the authority for Jo, and Claire plays a role as Father in the family. So how does Jo identify her sexuality? In Freud's theory, there is no explanation for it. Nowadays, father isn't always the authority in the family.

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