Subject sextual identity
Posted by Liz
Posted on Sat Jan 6 13:22:09 2001
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After reading sexual identity from Freud, I hold both two different stands toward the theory. Firstly, as far as I am concerned, the development of one・s sexual identity may be influenced by the childhood. Parents and the family life are the first connections that a child will have from the outside world. Therefore, the influence from the family as well as parents is something for sure. For example, the behaviors or the concepts that children receive from parents will definitely form a certain inner standard and identity for the children and make the children to be a whole person after they grow up. However, I don・t agree with the say of the sexual desire and love toward parents from Freud. Moreover, the penis・ envy of little girls is quite ridiculous for me. I cannot say it is wrong, but at least I totally didn・t have this kind of though when I was a little girl then. In my opinion, I think Freud focuses too much on sexual organs and sexuality in his theory of developing children・s gender identity. Nevertheless, the theory of parents・ role for children to identify and develop the gender identities is convincing for me.

 Re: sextual identity Jennifer Chang Fri Jan 12 15:47:43 2001
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