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Posted by nicola
Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:03:06 2001
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Indeed, Freud is one of the pioneers in the psychological field. I think his theories about the unconscious is certainly a big contribution. I like the ideas he proposed about dreams and how unconscious mind are represented through Freudian slips. When reading about his ideas of how dreams are formed, I think it would be interesting to analyze our own dreams using his theories.
But I think his theories about Oedipus and Electra complex had to be reserved. Because of his social background, which is a patriarchy society, his views of gender-typing are very much biased. How could small children know what is :envy; and many grown-up concepts such as the function of phallus, which boys are afraid of theirs being away and girls feel a sense of inferior since they don・t have them? I think baby boy・s love for mother is just that because it is usually that the mother takes care of them that they form a strong attachment toward their mothers. I don・t think they are able, at that age, to develop any sexual desire for their mothers. Also, I think when he forms his theory of Electra complex, he is thinking it from male・s view, which led him to think that girls want to posses the penis which they lacked. I think he puts too much concern on sex, and that he doesn・t really understand women・s minds, which may be why many of his findings are sexually and gender biased. Sometimes I feel unbelievable that many things could be seen as symbols of phallus by him, such as in many of his interpretations of dreams many images are associated with phallus.

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