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  In the film, there are some symbolic meanings of the names. Norman Bates the last name Bates is represented as Bait, and the victim Miriam Crane・s last name is ironically represented as a kind of bird, which ignores of the danger and suck into the bait. When she lived in the Bates・ Motel, meanwhile she was losing her life. And Norman liked to make specimen of bird, because they were smooth and mild. Symbolically speaking, Miriam Crane might definitely become one of his collections.
  The camera eye presented the revealing of the dark part of unconsciousness. Actually, paying attention to the start part of the film, the focus is adjusting from a city of buildings, seems like looking for something. Gradually converging at a window, and through the window the focus concentrate on a couple, and the film starts. Although the film is taking about voyeur, but Hitchcock started the film also in a way of peeking. Maybe he tried to say peeking is a part of human nature and hard to be avoided. If the potential reveals seriously that person will become a voyeur.
  The relationship between Norman and his mother is abnormal. Because Norman・s father died very early, he only had closeness and mutual possession with his mother. All he had was his mother, and he thought all she had must be only him. But years later, his mother in loved with another man. Norman felt deserted and treated that man as a competitor. The character of Norman can be proved in Freud・s Oedipus complex. The little boy・s closeness and involvement with his mother leads him to an unconsciousness desire for having sexual relationship with her, and the parent of the same sex will come to a figure as rival in its affection for the opposite sex. If the boy is unable to overcome the Oedipus complex successfully, he may be sexually incapacitated for being a normal man. That makes reasons why he killed his mother・s lover, and killed his mother and made her as a specimen and put her in the house living with him. But actually, he was still very childish-like and it shown by there were lots of toys in his room.
  However, the specimen cannot talk, so Norman started to imitate the way his mother speaked. He pretended his mother was still alive and had conversation with her every day. He detached from reality and turned in on the self, which called Schizophrenia in Freud・s theory. He had two characters in himself, one was a little obedient boy, and the other was a strict and domineering mother.
  Norman・s confusion about sexual difference and proper sexual behavior was shown. Those are clarified by Freud・s theory that during the pre-genital period, the contrast between masculine and feminine plays no part yet. When Norman saw Miriam・s naked body through the hole, he was attracted to the unknown female body and meanwhile he didn・t know what should he do. Therefore he ran back to his mother, to find the sense of security of being together with his mother. Then he disguised as his mother・s figure and killed Miriam when she was taking a bath. In his mind he interpreted his mother would not allow him to have another female friend, because he and his mother :belonged to each other only.; That・s why he disguised as his mother and killed her with the same reason how he killed mother・s lover years ago.
  When Miriam was killed, the eye socket was focused and then the next scene turn to the money wrapped in the newspaper. In my opinion, it might show that she was thinking about the money even till the last moment of her life. She was greedy and which presented human evil in this film.
  As the killing scene is mentioned, it・s the most famous part of this film. Miriam・s death in Bates・ Motel is actually a very chaste scene. There・s no violence and all implied. With good angels and clever music and very artful intercutting. That attractive part makes this film unique and people still enjoy it for a long time.

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