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Posted on Tue Jan 9 18:06:42 2001
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I agree with Mavis that one of the main character, Norman who suffered from necrophilia. But he also suffered from schizophrenia in this film too. Actually, these two mental illness had a very close relationship between Norman on account of Norman's mother. It was because Norman's father was died when he was young, so he was fostered by his mother. However, his mother met a man accidentally some years later, thus she cold - shouldered to Norman gradually. Later, Norman discovered his mother didn't care about him again. Although he couldn't accept this fact, he still loved and respected his mother very much. Therefore, he killed his mother because "The obsessive thought to murder a person meant to enjoy love of a person." I thought this was the pre - Oedipal stage between he and his mother because he wanted to occupy his mother's love, that's why he killed his mother and his mother's lover.
Another example also showed the Oedipus complex to Norman. When Marian went to the Bates Motel and Norman wanted to introduce her to his mother, but Marian heard an argument for them and his mother refused to know her. Actually, Norman disguised his mother and her sound. Maybe he thought that his mother would be jealous of the woman if Norman took her and showed to his mother and it also showed he behaved in a schizophrenic way simultaneously. Moreover, the motherly character in Norman's mind was super - ego which "part of a person's mind which contains a set of rules for right and wrong behaviour, acting as a conscience." Such as Norman, when his schizophrenic character of his mother killed someone, his internal character showed super - ego of morality and conscience and asked his mother why she killed others. That's why he showed self - contradictory contrasts in his mind - he loved his mother and she was the only one he loved, so he made her as a specimen. On the other hand, he hated his mother because of her change.

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