Subject Re: sextual identity
Posted by Jennifer Chang
Posted on Fri Jan 12 15:47:43 2001
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I think Freud had a strange point of view toward the development of children. He said that little boys would love their mothers and then, after acknowledging the thread and power of father, he realized that he would not win his father but he also knew that he would one day become a man as his father is now. Then he would identify with his father and switch his love toward his mother to his father. Im really curious about his theory because it seems that this kind of theory can only exist in the society that men is the authority. Only when the men is the authority of the society, little boys would feel the thread from their fathers and then the Oedipus complex would work. However, as we know that he also did not explain why little girls switch their love toward their mothers (since every child loves their mother originally) to their father and would have the desire to have a baby from their father. For certain points of view from Freud, I think it strange and unacceptable, such as the penis envy of little girls. I think its a kind of exaggerated proud of being a man. However, he still provided many worth discussing points of view.

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