Subject Re: A Wonder About Freud's Oedipus
Posted by Sandra Tsai
Posted on Wed Jan 17 09:24:56 2001
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When I was going through Freud's theory, I was marking question marks all over page and scolding all the time. I guess I'm strongly against Freud, though he really could explain himself away.
I doubt about the assertion that boys establish a sexual link to their mother, and the girls to their father. Well, maybe there are correspondences, which means that there are children that do have this tendency. But, according to my own experience, I never thought of having sex with my own father. I can't see why Freud had to insist that children do have this kind of desire. Freud tried to support his point by the dependence on mother of a baby boy, and explaining it as having desire toward their mother. Then, he twists the roles, suggesting that it happens between a girl and her father. I agree what the former said, how could a child have sexual desires toward their own parents when they even can't identify their own gender? And what Lisa said about having a sort of Oedipus tendency when she grew older, wishing that her boyfriend could be like her father, I think is just simply about the case of like and dislike. And the case just happens to be the type of men that she admires is her father. It's just a correspondence, and it truly would happen since daughters and fathers have lots of chances spending their time together. So, I wouldn't connect this with the Oedipus theory.
Therefore, I'm at the side with them, too.

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