Subject Freud and experience
Posted by Jenny Chang
Posted on Wed Feb 7 20:28:25 2001
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When I heard in psychoanalysis that at one time during the childhood stage, a daughter will grow to love her father and become more seperated from her mother, I feel that it is just a bunch of nonsense, because it didn't apply to me. I feel that in my childhood I really dislike my father because he is very dictatorial, and I am always trying to protect my mother and stand up for her because she is too weak and mild a woman. But I develop this protective love of her and also hatred of her for being such a weak woman. And I feel she is jealous of me because my father love me so much. I feel that she has nothing to be jealous about as I do not love my father and is even resentful towards him. But seen from another point of view, maybe the reason I feel she is jealous of me is because of the fact that I am jealous myself, but then that my superego demands that I should not have incest feeling for my father and thus suppress it into my unconscious. Because after I grow up, it takes a long time for me to learn to hold my father's hand or to give him a little hug. Because I always develop this frightening feeling of what would happen if I hold my father's hand. I should admit that the reason that I was so frightened is because of the potential incest feeling in me. But it is interesting that I learned in the Old Testament of the Bible some times ago of a historical person named Lot whose daughters have this need to bear children for him. And they really did. This makes me think about Freud's theory, whether there is some validity in his theory that daughters have this inclination to bear children for their father, but because they are forbid to do so, they substitute this feeling for their husband.

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