Subject Re: Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Posted by LilyHuang
Posted on Tue May 30 13:26:58 2000
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To obtain the pleasure, an infant must learn to replace the painful experience with other things, for example, by throwing toys out to revenge the leave of mother. During the process of replacement, an infant will learn to justify his or her own mental instability. Such a process will then be developed as a major principle to the later growth and be carried out by adults unconsciously. But his theory is based on the inevitable human suffering since childhood. It seems that people, starting from own infantry, can feel only pain and suffering, which become the dominate force of human psycho development. In one way, I agree to him. By oberving an infant or a baby, I discover that he or she does have more response to pain, for example, taking away the toy, they cry horribly. But it is not necessary for them to do something to recover their emotions, if they have. Probably, I do not discover it yet. I think that as they are unable to control their angers, they are unable to choose to do something as a kind of revenge. Or do they have the concept of revenge?

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