Subject "During Wind and Rain"
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"During Wind and Rain"
They sing their dearest songs-
He, she, all of them-yea,
Treble and tenor and bass,
And one to play;
With candles mooning each faceíK.
Ah, no; the year O!
How the sick leaves reel down in throngs!

They clear the clear the creeping moss-
Elders and juniors-aye,
Making the pathways neat
And the garden gay;
And they build a shady seatíK.
Ah, no; the years, the years;
Se, the white storm-birds wing across!

They are blithely breakfasting all-
Men and maidens-yea,
Under the summer tree,
With a glimpse of the bay,
While pet fowl come to the kneeíK.
Ah, no; the year O!
And the rotten rose is ript from the wall.

They change to a high new house,
He, she, all of them-aye,
Clocks and carpets and chairs
On the lawn all day,
And the brightest things that are theirsíK.
Ah, no; the years, the years;
Down their carved names the rain-drop ploughs.

"During Wind and Rain" is a poem written by Thomas Hardy. Through the parallel structure, tone, repetition and other elements, the poem implies that human enjoys their youth and energy when they are young, but youth fades away by and by.
Each paragraph begins with the word "They" with a movement. "They" suggests all creatures in the world, and the movement implies the energy and happiness of them. For example, people sing in harmony, "Treble and tenor and bassíK". Then the next sentence mentions about their sex and age, for example, "He, she, all of them", "Elders and juniors", "Men and maidens", which also suggest all creatures. In contrast, the tone of the end of each paragraph is down and liveless. For instance, "Under the summer tree/ with a glimpse of the bayíK" It conveys that youth only occupies a little part in the life, and it passes away like a glimpse. The energy and power will fade away year after year.
This poem reveals two binaries that relate with each other. First is the binary opposition between life and death. We can discover that the opposition situation from the beginning and the end of each paragraph. They are full of energy and unaware of death first, but then it fades away at the end. And this binary finally refers to the second binary between human and nature. In fact, the contrary lies on human's weakness under nature's power (or time).
"Ah, no; the year O!" , and "Ah, no; the years, the years" appears at each paragraph to show that time and nature are the enemies of human life. Besides, the repetition word emphasizes on how fast it passes away. While people are young, they do not aware of the passing of time because time can not harm them at all. However, when time goes by, they start mourning about the years, which takes away their lives and energy little by little. People can not conquer the nature, because they become old and weak now. At this moment, human is dominated by nature, and the majority falls back on nature again in a circle (the repetition of four paragraphs). This is the pattern of life and nature.
Lastly, the run-on sentence pattern helps to convey the image of nature. It refers that life (time) never stops. Besides, it dominates all creatures including human beings forever.

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