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Posted on Thu Mar 23 15:58:19 2000
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About Myths
The anthropologist Claude L'evis-Strauss assumed that myth possessed a structure like language, and each individual myth was an example of parole. I am not quite sure what myth is in this definition. For me, myth is both a form and both truth, both makes me feel real and both unreal since it seems empty but it also seems quite full and meaningful. What' the real meaning of the sign is myth. For example, I see a lot of commercials on TV, the commercial may just an introduction to certain products or give me some information. But, the real meaning is what the commercial's deeper meaning or the commercial's implication, not the commercial's entertainment or the basic sign present to me.
Take the cell phone commercial " Nokia 5130" for example. When the girl in the commercial is taking off her and putting on another clothes. The basic meaning, the sign presents to me is that she is changing clothes. However, the deeper meaning, the myth is that the commercial tells me that the cell phone " Nokia 5130" can change its appearance. In this case, the girl changes her clothes is a sign, while the cell phone can change its appearance is a signifier. While we look deeper into it, we can also find that change its appearance is only a sign to tell us that the cell phone Nokia 5130 can change its appearance as long as you want. And the signifier is that Nokia 5130 is quite good for those who want their cell phones to catch up with fashions or those who like to decorate their cell phones. In this case, I find that myth is similar to what we see in our eyes (sign) but what we think in our minds (signifier). Myth is just like a sentence present to us, but hiding its deeper meaning. We have to think it to get its deeper meaning (signifier) in the myth.
Another important theory so far I have learned is binary. Binary is two opposite objects. For example, power verses powerless, smartness verses stupidity. In the poem, Sailing to Byzantium, written by W.B.Yeats, we can also find some binaries. For example, the old men verse the young, born verses dies and life verses art to imply mortal and immortal. These are all binaries in the poem. Besides the binary, this poem also has some special and repetitive sounds to describe the author's feeling. For example, the line " Fish, flesh, or fowl, commendíK" uses the "f" sound, and the line " Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.", uses the "b" sound. These sounds are used to enhance the author's feeling when writing this poem. Also, it is described as male and female sounds for the readers to read. Moreover, the poem uses some linguist structure to compose. For example, the poem uses no, nor, of and others to purify its language structure.
Actually, until now, I am still a little confused about the myth, because sometimes I am confused at sign, signifier, and signified.

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