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How comforts love in times of bad fortune

Presence of mind is the equality of having the "coolness ans self-possession to permit prompt and
effective action on difficult occasions. We often say a person should always have presence of mind.
When he is bad fortune. This means that a person who is outcast of fortune and society should be
relaxed and be responsive to any changes that may occur around him. The conforts of love will ensure
all disgrace with fortune away from his life.(lines1-4)

Envies all the good things other people have are whetting up his appetite to discontentment more and
more. Interestingly enough, it seems that his appetite to avarice has become a bottomless pit. I'm afraid
the content man is now an endangered species.(lines 5-8)

More than one person has lost his mind searching for the appetite of good things. It's not easy to
contentment. People lose their wide-eyed amazement for the world as happy as a lark and as wealthy
as a king. Life didn't as having much meaning on it's own. We believed the only meaning life has is what
people choose to give it. The responsibility falls on themself. The meaning of life was " the full use of one's
abilities along the lines of excellence". To strive for excellence, the poet believed, is reason enough to live.
(lines 9-14)

All of us experience bad fortune every now and then. Bad fortune or when in disgrance with fortune is
something that we have to live with all our lives. There is some wisdom to be learned from love. If we
can learn to turn the bad fortune to good things, we will have learned another secret to success without
disgrace. When we have lost all hope, that's when we think of putting everything to an end. We should
never despair. We should remember that so long as there is friend's love, there is hope.

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