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Posted by TracyWu
Posted on Fri May 19 11:42:50 2000
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Dear Mulder:
Your analyses of the ad (Hugo Boss) impressed me a lot. I agreed with you that the image it presents stresses too much on men's superiority and arrogance, especially it is a pity that some part of their power image is built through women's showing subservient attitude toward them. It's true that sometimes the maneuver the ad company shows misleads the public's way of thinking. For those TV ads about the cellular phone, I like one of them, which promotes Nokia 8210. Unlike other cellular phone ads that focus on the phone's shape, weight and function, the ad of Nokis 8210 put emphasis on the young people's colorful life. The ad shows one man walks smiling, and then runs, jumps into the water; others like the woman dances wildly in the elevator, a man sits on a car, etc.. It seems the ad tells us we (the youth) should and can enjoy our life in various ways. But just like what you wrote, instead of the middle-aged people or the elderly, youngsters would be easily attracted by the scenes of the ad. Thus,the range of the customer will be restricted. At last, it is still interesting to observe the ads and speculate the motive and implications behind the scenes.

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