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Posted by Eric
Posted on Sun May 28 23:52:54 2000
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Hi, Mulder:
I'm Eric from junior. After reading your analysis concerning the ad(Hugo Boss), it's really an interesting journal. I agree with one sentence which you has mentioned in your journal. You say, "What they are trying to sell is not the product anymore, but the image they warp up ." Actually speaking, that's also what my teacher in Ad Dept. has told me last semester. From various kinds of cosmetics ads or commercials, i think we can see this point more clearly. Let me take SK2's commercials as another example, do their products really have that's kind of "magic power?" Well, I have no absolute answer actually because I am not its main customers. But from these cosmetics' ads, we really can see that what the companies try to convey is an abstract idea--the hope of beauty. In addition, I have some different opinion toward your last few sentences in the journal. You say that kind of royal and wealthy family bachground will make a distance from their target customers. Well, how about we think this way:maybe this kind of feeling or purchase can satisfy their "fantasies in real life." Do you think it's also acceptable?

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