Subject Re: Application of Structuralism
Posted by cicily
Posted on Tue Jun 6 10:51:45 2000
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I agree with the three binary oppositions you refer in the text of The Purloined Letter. Especially, you talks about the opposition of "simple" and "complex". It's true that because of the complex thinkings of Prefect let him cannot find the letter; however, Dupin simplifized the whole things and let him find out the hidden place. I also approve what you wrote, "when any of the characters get the secret, he or she are powerful and can speak out; however, when they talk out of the secret, they become powerless."
In my paper, I refer another oppsition which is "smartness" and "stupidity". I think this oppsition is obvious when we talk about the relationship between Dupin and Prefect, and Dupin vs Minister D. Its also a little bit like "power" and "powerless". Becasue of these interaction, we can find out how the meaning of the story evolves.
Besides, the explanation of the myth in your paper is also very interesting. I just have a question. You refer that signifier is composed by "meaning " and "form". In your explanation, I can find out how meaning emptied out and twisted in new ideas, but how about the "form"?

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