Subject Re: Structure & Detective Stories
Posted by Jason
Posted on Fri Jun 16 11:05:31 2000
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Hello! Ross:
I'm Jason! After reading your journal, I did like your analysis about the arrangment of "UNKNOW", and I'm quite agree with that. It's really a important design for writing a detective novel. I used to read a unfamed detective story when I was only about ten years old. The author just used the first perspecdtive, the aspect of the detective himself, to write the whole story. That detective always solves the problem easily and show the secret behind when he just sees the problem. That's really boring!! I can never think the solution by myself and wait the answer during the process of the story. I think that author just ignore the issue that you mentioned: "UUKNOW" is a important element in the detective story. Without this element, the atmosphere of a detective story would completely be destoryed, I think.

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