Subject Re: structuralism journal 1
Posted by Jennifer Tsai
Posted on Fri Jun 16 12:14:21 2000
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First, I want to say that it is a very interesting idea to use the covers of CD albums to analyze signifier and signified. However, I don't really find the interpretation of the covers as signifier fit the theory of signifier and signified. If signifier refers to something concret and signified is the concept behind the object. Then what is the concept the covers of the albums really stand for. The relationship between the signifier and signified should be conventional and shouldn't need too much leap of imagination. Does anyone who look at the cover of Yuki and receive the same message that she wants to convey ? Or do we all interpret the message that the covers of Japanese singers give out in the same way ?
Take an example I read on internet. There is an ad of Channel No,5 perfume. The post is a picture of a Frech movie (I forgot the name)star and she has long been regarded as the symbol of elegance and charm. Then on the bottom right side of the post, it shows the picture of the perfum and the name of the brand. Now, the perfum is the signifier and the movie star represents the idea that the perfum stands for --elegance and beauty. Therefore, it will be better if Eric develop more about the relationship between the appearance and the idea behind it.

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