Subject Re: structuralism journal 1
Posted by Irene Hsu
Posted on Sat Jun 17 03:02:18 2000
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In Reply to structuralism journal 1

Eric's journal is very interesting for me to know the difference of the cover of albums between Taiwan and Japan. Thought Eric did try to apply the relationship between signifier and signified into his text, however I would like to suggest that maybe he can change to use another appropriately text. From Eric journal, we can get the clear ideas about the comparison of the cover of Japanese Albums and Taiwanese ones and the meaning of different presentation of cover in albums. On the other hand, he should try to focus on the relationship between the object and the concept that the objects want to convey. For example, probably, Eric can mention that what include in "整體造型", and what the concept that each part in "整體造型" refers to. Therefore, it may be better for your journal more completely.

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