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Posted by Beryl
Posted on Sun Jun 18 22:22:00 2000
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Firstly, I think the word "laddering" is quite interesting. For me, this expression is actually the spirit of the advertisement--to carry the spirit away from the original image. By making the image irrelevant with the product, the myth is constructed. For instance, the ads of coffee or alcohol are not merely selling the commodity any more. Moreover, the coffee is further interpreted as the representation of leisure time and high living standard. Likewise, a certain kind of alcohol becomes the symol of success and achievement. I like Mulder's analysis of the Hugo Boss's ad. This advertisement is not only promoting its own product, but also selling the consumers an ideal and perfect male image constructed by this perfume to the buyers. It presents the idea that buying or using Hugo Boss can help the ordinary people become extraordinary. Like many ads of cars, the consumers are encouraged to buy the whole package of the commodity. Except for the actual usage of the product, the peripheral, such as the ideology, the ideal after using this product, seem to become more important in this commercial world.

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