Subject The Doctor of Medicine's Tale
Posted by Andrea
Posted on Wed May 8 18:47:57 2002
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The only female character in this tale is the knight, Virginius・ daughter, Virginia. The every description of her characters is perfect: she has beautiful appearance that can be compared with goddesses, well behaved, pure, restraint, reasonable and elegant. It seems that she has every perfect characteristic that women at that time were all expected to have. However, she also dies of this characteristic in order to maintain his virginity. Her purity and virginity are considered to be more important than anything. Her behavior conforms to an ideal woman. She has already been formed and it is her fate. But is that her only choice? I do not think so. In my opinion, she still had other alternatives. She could try to escape, or try to prove the truth or even be against with the judge. She actually can do something to change the result. But she does not; instead, she takes the passive attitude toward to face her destiny. I think she is actually the victim of the patriarchic society.
And her death not only points out a woman・s tragedy, but also reveals the male character・s weakness more. She represents a :mirror; because she reflects the evil humanities. Like her father, Virginius who is supposed to help her getting rid of the situation, but he helps his daughter by killing her and preserve her virginity. It was really what we had in our Chinese tradition that women were required to regard their virginity as the most precious thing in the world. If they lost it, they would be either accused of being adultery or had to strangle themselves with shame. And for Claudius, the ruffian shows his greedy. With the seduction of money and treasure, he tells the lie at court. Also the judge, Apius who makes a deal with Claudius and sets Virginius up in order to get her daughter. His crime all starts with his lust. Because of it, he betrays his responsibility. Being a judge, he is supposed to maintain the justice and be fair to everybody. He does not, and instead, he uses his identity to do evil thing. It is really an irony of his occupation and what he did to the Virginius.
In this tale, Virginia・s name also suggests something. She is the model of women. Her behavior has set a form for the women at that period to imitate.

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