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Posted on Sun May 12 23:30:22 2002
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The Nun・s Priest・s Tale is a bit different from the previous two we read. Actually it is more like a fable that usually has animals as the main characters and teaches us a moral lesson at the end. The moral lesson in this tale is a saying from Saint Paul: :All that・s written well is written down some useful truth to tell.; Before I come to this point, let me discuss the cock Chanticleer and his mistress Pertelote. Both of them resemble all human characteristics and they talk and think like men as well. From Pertelote・s reaction to Chanticleer・s fear of what he dreamed, we can see what her ideal husband should be like. She expects to have a husband who is hardy, wise, trustworthy, generous, etc. a husband should fear nothing and be able to protect his family. So Pertelote despises her husband・s cowardice and she thinks that it is nonsense to take a dream so seriously. Also she attributes the bad dream to visions generated by repletions and vapors and the body・s bad secretions of humors. Thus, she wants to find some herbs to cure him. Yet, see how Chanticleer proves him right. By enumerating several examples from books and the Old Testament, Chanticleer argues that dreams indeed show some significations and no man will be too careful with them. It is proved from these historical events that those who believe dreams are merely fantasies and japes do not have a good outcome.

Even though the cock holds strong proofs of his beliefs, he still ignores the sign of his dream in order to please Pertelote. Later on we know that Chanticleer・s dream does foretell his fate. However, I don・t think Chanticleer would avoid his doom even if he were more cautious and alert. I believe that the cock・s vanity and pride give the fox a great chance to carry out his scheme. Certainly, the fox is very cunning and sly. He pretends to be the cock・s friend and keeps flattering him for his fine voice. But the cock should be well aware that foxes are always chickens・ enemy. He must stay away from him. On the contrary, he is ravished by the fox・s flattery. The worst thing is that he closes his eyes singing. No cock will be more stupid than he. On the other hand, Chanticleer is not so stupid because he wittily escapes from the fox when he is caught. At any rate, this tale tries to tell us that those written works do contain some wisdom and truth that can be very helpful for us. Therefore, do not ignore them. Also, one shouldn・t be too pompous and vain. Even though you don・t know who your friends are, at least you should know how to tell who your enemies are.

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