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Posted on Mon May 20 00:18:42 2002
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The concept of destiny is always part of human beings・ attitude towards life. One・s life is something under god・s control. God owns the supreme power to decide human beings・ fate. In this tale, the idea about destiny is quite the same; however, several examples show that people actually own the power to take the control over their lives or even other people・s. Duke Perotheus enables Arcita released from the prison by appealing to Theseus as a friend to both of them. The court women successfully plead with Theseus not to kill both of the two knights while go hunting in the woods. In terms of destiny, human beings in these cases in fact are able to save other people・s lives and keep the tragedies from happening. One・s destiny is not necessarily an unchangeable decision made by the unseen holy power above there but something we human beings can change ourselves.
In the beginning of this tale, to both Palamon and Arcita, their miserable life is condemned and destined. They both assume that they can never escape from their destiny, being prisoned for the rest of their life. However, this kind of strong emphasis on the dark side of life changes later while they leave the prison in different ways one by one. The concept of destiny conveyed by the characters in the beginning is different from the one in the end of this tale. In the beginning, the emphasis is put on the dark and pessimistic side of one・s life whereas in the last part, Theseus gives a preaching in front of an assembly telling that a life・s ending is not supposed to be absolute sorrowful and mournful for death is the must-to-happen process of one・s life. His words help people break away from being pessimistic. Since people cannot avoid death, they should accept it and control their grief from going too far. Both of Aegeus・s comforting words to Theseus and Theseus・ speech to the public try to change the common passive attitude towards one・s destiny or death and persuade people to see the ending of human being・s life in a more positive way because that is the way life has to end.

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