Subject Doctor of Medicine・s Tale
Posted by Jennifer Chang
Posted on Sun Jun 2 21:31:33 2002
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As what the physician said, Virginia was a wonderful woman. She was beautiful and virtuous as well. However, as a woman, she could not escape her desperate fate.
She was wonderful, but her fate was not so good. Her first misfortune was to be seen by Apius. The lecherous judge set up Virginia・s father in order to have her. Although she was so virtuous, Apius wanted to have her was not because of her virtues, but her deadly beauty. Virginia・s second misfortune was her father. Her father, as we know, was a knight who held high social status and wealthe. However, to our surprise, he was so useless that he couldn・t even save his daughter. He didn・t even try to save her, instead, he choose to kill her. Under these two men, Birginia , as a woman, had no chance to speak for herself. She couldn・t resist Apius nor her father, even if she was so wonderful. It seems that her virtues and beauty ere the causes of this tragedy. Her father wanted to kill her because of her virtue and the judge wanted to have her is because of her beauty. The physician warned the parents to guard their children and keep them from sin. However, no matter how wonderful Virginia was, she had to die. Then, what・s the use of keeping the children from sin, since the only way in this tale is to kill them?
In the Patriarchy would, women could only act according to men・s will. Just like Emily in the Knight・s Tale, she wished to keep her virginity but the King wanted her to marry Palamon. Virginia wanted to live but had to die because her father decided to kill her.

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