Subject Worthy Death?!
Posted by Cindy
Posted on Tue Jun 18 15:35:54 2002
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Although the Physician・s tale meant to teach people to repent for sins, the readers may after all pay more attention to Virginia・s innocent end rather than its moral lessons. Virginia was depicted as a nearly perfect maid both in virtue and appearance. She could be seen as a symbol of beauty, virtue and chastity. Yet, she died for them also. Finishing this story, I believe that many readers would ask: is this a worthy death? Should Virginia sacrifice her life for chastity, or for the crooked judge・s lechery, or for her father・s sense of honor?
To may way of thinking, Virginia is not so happy to die for defending her chastity, especially when she asked for some time to lament for her own coming death. I suspect that maybe Virginia would choose to live or to escape in some other ways rather than giving up her young life if she could choose for herself. Unfortunately, she never had the chance. She was so virtuous that she must obey her honorable father. In the end, as a moral story supposed to be, the evil judge was punished and despised. However, the good, Virginia, could not resurrect from her death and, furthermore, she got nothing at all, except her father・s sense of honor and the reputation of chastity. What a worthy reward!

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