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Posted by Cerita Liu
Posted on Thu Jun 20 22:53:38 2002
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Medieval English Literature & Culture---Journal on The Knight・s Tale
Ms. Liu
  I have read the entries of journal by Ms. Liu and Br. Koss in books. However, it seems difficult for me to understand the analysis and theory. Though, the work the Knight・s Tale itself is just a enjoyable story, but when it turns to be analyzed, it becomes complicated. And actually, I really appreciate those two well-organized and knowledgeable articles, which has enriched my literary information.
  The Knight・s Tale is such a famous work. I have read the Chinese translation in my childhood. But when I read it in the original work, it makes me feel different. The years of literary training makes me to look sharp into the text. Not only just read through a story, but also be capable of analyzing the text.
  For instance, Emily is considered as a centered character in the tale, however, she is only represented as a female object, who has no free will, no determination or personal opinion. She even doesn・t realize that she has become the object of two male prisoners, who fight for her and one losses his life. Emily is a sexual symbol to them, represented freedom to the two voyeurs from the prison. They obsess not only that she is sexually attractive, but also that she has the privilege to be free out of the prison. When I was little, I couldn・t notice that. Nowhere, those literary courses have trained me to become a careful reader, who is able to do further analysis on text.

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