Subject The Physician's Tale
Posted by Cerita Liu
Posted on Thu Jun 20 22:55:22 2002
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  The Canterbury・s Tale teaches people about the morality of virtue, pure and good. Such as it shows in The Physician・s Tale, which always proves that :virtues always triumph, and cheaters never win.; It is a good model for people to learn that better to leave along from the evil.
  In medieval time, women are supposed to contain virginity and morality. People are crazy at holding the pure of virginity, even lose their precious life. Such as the father Virginius in this tale, he gives his daughter two choices, to die or to shame. However, we know that himself is a noble knight, who is not willing to accept that his daughter is insulted or taken away her virgin. And the two choices actually mean no choice. He forces his daughter to die for her virtuous and valuable pure body, and the daughter has no reason to against it.
  At the end of this tale, it teaches us that a woman with perfect appearance or virtue as a gift from God, may only lead her to miserable end of life. Though the infamous judge and the villain is finally punished, Virginia・s life couldn・t be relived anyhow. But fortunately, the domination on women has been taken away gradually. If women are supposed to die for maintaining virginity as before, how should women face themselves if they are raped nowadays? Thus, some improper custom and value should change by the progress of civilization.

 Re: The Physician's Tale Sheena Kao Sat Jun 22 23:55:27 2002
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