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Women Images
  Since in the ancient time, women are probably regarded as the inferiors and the weak gender. The idea of women as inferiors is usually depicted in the literature. Somehow, women are shaped as the object that men desire, or that is, women become the targets that men desire to hunt for.

In the Knight・s Tale, Emily is the lady who is gazed by Arcita and Palamon from the tower without consciousness. When Emily sits in the garden where is full of light and bright which might represent how innocent she is and not aware of being gazed for a long time. In contrast, Arcita and Palamon stay in the prison where is resembled as dark, dirty, and evil. What makes the story mysterious is that how can a man falls in love with a lady by seeing her back. Here, the story arouses the idea of courtly love which is idealized in the middle ages. In human being・s life, a few people can resembles courtly love except in the court and in the literature and culture. However, since it is the idea of courtly love, isn・t it sarcastic and sorrowful that woman is shaped as an object gazed by men? Can you imagine that you are gazed by unknown men who are in the dark side where you cannot recognize? For me, my answer is no. I would take it as a disgusting behavior because at that time woman would symbolized as a target which might arouse men・s desire and sexuality. I think most women would feel uncomfortable and unstable as being stared at.
In this story, Theban women, Emily, and Hippolyta did the request to Theseus. This idea of pleading points out that women are weak who need to seek for aids of men who resemble superior status. Even though the goddess, Venus is afraid of being disgraced when Palamon loses the battle. What Venus acts out is disappointed and helpless. For these example, it is evidential to say that women are usually formed as inferiors in literature. Besides, :to battle for ladies; connotes two ideas. The first one is that to battle for ladies is regarded as an honorable thing. And the second idea is that woman suddenly becomes the prize for the knight who wins the battle, and Emily is the best example that she is the prize. Therefore, it is inevitable to say that women are not in the equal with men since the ancient time.

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