Subject The knight's tale
Posted by Joanne
Posted on Fri Jun 21 13:49:28 2002
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The Knight・s Tale
Arcita and Palamon are cousins, but a beautiful girl, Emily, challenges their friendship. In this story, I find that human beings are always jealous of others, believing others are luckier than you. For example, Arcita is set free because of Perotheus・s help; however, he hates this decision for he can・t see Emily from then on. Arcita would rather imprison in the tower all his life, that way he can see Emily everyday. On the other hand, Palamon curses his destiny because he thinks that Arcita has the chance to win Emily back through armed force. But what he can do is stay in the tower forever; no one will come to save him from the prison. None of them considers creating a better future for themselves. A real hero should not give up everything inclusive of hope and daydream all day long. Maybe they can try to talk to Emily, though they may not get response, it is better than never try. If I can choose, I prefer to have freedom as Arcita does.
Women were in an inferior position at that time. We can see Palamon and Arcita fight for Emily severely, at the end of this story; the king decides to hold a wedding for Palamon and Emily. But no one asks Emily・s opinion. I feel so lucky to be born in the modern society. Although I don・t have the chance to be fought by two heroes, I still cherish the right to choose my husband.

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