Subject The Doctor of Medicine・s Tale
Posted by Joanne
Posted on Fri Jun 21 13:51:09 2002
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The Doctor of Medicine・s Tale

Virginius has a very beautiful daughter, however, her beauty brings her big trouble. An infamous judge called Apius designs a trick to occupy the maid. Virginius finds no way to rescue his daughter, so he makes a frightening decision. In order to keep the maid・s chastity, he has to kill his daughter. Although in this story the father gives two ways for the maid to choose, I think the final result won・t be changed. The father won・t tolerant a daughter who brings shame to his family; the death penalty is unavoidable for certainty. The maid is forced to accept this decision. The father should try to find other ways to protect his daughter instead of just kill her. Life is more important than chastity. That reminds me a news several years ago, a famous female died of accident, but what media concerned was whether she was raped or not. It is disappointing that even after hundreds of years, people・s concepts towards women don・t improve very much. Life is superior to everything. It is meaningless though the two criminals are put to death in the end of the story. People may think that the Virginus is so kind to release them; I consider that he should be blamed for, too. Being a father, Virginus does not make many efforts to help his daughter.

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