Subject Noah・s Flood
Posted by Joanne
Posted on Fri Jun 21 14:01:58 2002
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This story is an important part in the Bible. God feels angry at human being・s violence and selfishness and decides to destroy all of them except Noah・s family and a pair of different kind of animals. After floating for seven days, a dove hold a leaf in the mouth indicates that lands appears again. God promises that human beings won・t suffer from flood anymore.
There is an interesting change in this play. In the original story, Noah・s wife is a voiceless character. However, Chester describes this woman as a shrew. She even refuses to step on to the ark if her friends can・t go with her. To her, gossip is more important than her life. When Noah ignores her request, she slaps him. Noah・s wife represents a strong female image that seldom shows up at time. Noah is not a coward husband, but his calm makes a comparison with his wife・s foolish.

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