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Posted on Tue Apr 30 11:23:43 2002
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The Doctor of Medicine・s Tale: Narrator・s Tone
  Doctors・ tone of telling the story is an interesting point. First, he sets up the great atmosphere that here comes the very nature girl named Virginia. And then the description of her beauty, which even the architect or printer cannot make such a perfect work. The narrator tries to exclaim Virginia・s beauty by detailed depiction such as :Thus, Nature, Can, when I want to, fashion and colour a living being---Who can match my work; (Wright 386), which seems to express the transcendence of Nature. The narrator also avoids mentioning the sexuality, which attempts to establish a perfect of Virginia・s purity, virginity, and temperance.

However, we do not clearly realize that Virginius purpose of killing her daughter is to prevent her daughter from being blemished, or to keep his own reputation? At least Virginia・s virtue is preserved. See what Virginius talks to Virginia, :Virginia is your name: there are two choices, either death or shame, for you to makeXalas that I was born; (Wright 391), which offers Virginia two choices. But, she seems to be forced to die without other choices. To conclude, both the narrator and Virginius attempt to keep Virginia as a virtue. And it seems that Virginia becomes the center of the story. Whereas, after the death of Virginia, none notice or sympathize her. What・s the problem? It is because that the dominancy belongs to the physician who makes up the story and controls the content. Although he uses Virginia・s case to arouse audience・s attention, what he emphasizes more is the moral lesson. He tells the story in order to warn people not to be evil.

If we stood in female・s position, we would feel that Virginia seems to become the sacrifice of the patriarchal society. She dies not only because of being gazed but also being controlled by male-dominant society. So I think it is inevitable that female usually become the sacrifice both in novels and society in medieval times.

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