Subject Re: The Physician's Tale
Posted by Sheena Kao
Posted on Sat Jun 22 23:55:27 2002
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I agree with Cerita・s words :virtues always triumph, and cheaters never win.; The two devils finally got their punishment at the end of the tale. Also it is the most satisfy ending of all stories.
As I said in our group・s presentation, we think that the knight, Virginius, is very selfish in a way. He actually did not care about his daughter・s feeling or listen to her opinions. I totally do not agree with what he has done because one・s fame is never more significant than a life, especially his daughter・s. Although he kept his reputation by maintaining his daughter・s virginity, I think he is not a good father. Undoubtedly, Virginius is a noble knight, but he is not qualified for being a father.

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