Subject The Knight's Tale
Posted by Cindy
Posted on Sun Jun 23 08:28:31 2002
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Finishing this tale, what impresses me most is not the two knight¡¦s courtly love, but Emily¡¦s helplessness. Before Arcita and Palamon¡¦s tournament, all of them went to temples for request. While the two knights asking for victory, Emily wished for eternal chastity. If she could, she would choose not to be anyone¡¦s wife. However, her wish was not granted. This part of story may suggest some situation that medieval women encountered. Very likely, in true life as well as in the story, women did not have freedom of marriage. To view this tale with a modern perspective, it is quite questionable that Emily would be happy after her marriage, though both knights claimed they were in love with Emily, and then were willing to do anything for her. Their hectic love made this tale kind of fairy tale, however, it seems to be somewhat superficial to fall in love with a girl that you know nothing more than her beauty. Therefore, when it comes to the part Arcita and Palamon argue whose love is true, it appears to be very ironic to me. On this point, this is really a knight's tale!

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