Topic 1:English Education in Taiwan 23 Posts Last Post: Fri Feb 26 09:56:37 2010

Your experience and the Current Controversies: What is your best/worst experience of learning English? Who are qualified to be elementary school English Teacher--English native speakers or Taiwanese?

Topic 2: Taipei Mayoral Election: Who is your choice? And why? 47 Posts Last Post: Sat Feb 6 08:45:18 1999

What do you think about the present Mayor campaign?

Topic 3: Typhoon - Disasters Again! 12 Posts Last Post: Wed Aug 11 16:15:39 1999

Your Experience, our Roles and the Government's

Free Discussion and Suggestions for Chatroom 2 Posts Last Post: Mon Dec 21 19:12:02 1998

Any suggestions for the topics to discuss?

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