Subject The yellow wallpaper
Posted by Chris
Posted on Wed Oct 21 12:48:27 1998
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This story is special, and even more strange than those I had read before. The story looks like notes that you may write a few words to release feelings when you happen to think something makes sense to you. I think author wants to describe the process of delirious, absurd fancy to make the narrator mad. In this story, the female narrator suffered form postpartum depression, and her husband wanted to cure her. The wife's problem came form the wallpaper. She thought it was sickly yellow, and let her feel so bad. But her husband, John, thought she was just too tired. The wife first trusted him and thought he loved her so much that she did not want to trouble him. But her fancy became worse. She knew something was wrong and doubted everything. Then she did not trust her husband any more. What did the yellow wallpaper mean in the story? Why did it make her crazy? John did not know why. He thought it was not a big deal. He thought there were no reason to suffer. She respected John indeed but she got confused that she knew something happened.
In my view, the wallpaper is the desire in her deep part of soul. She saw many women wanted to escape form the pattern. I think it is the reflection of herself. She wanted to pull off the world out of subconsciousness. I think I would also get mad if I see the desire, the true reflection out of my soul for we always wear masks to hide ourselves. You may see how ugly you are through the mirror. John is the symbol of the society. It always tells you to be king, patient, diligent and to follow the rules. However, I think human nature is more like the evil gesture full of greed without bounds.

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